Das Rheingold is featured in my is featured in my Design Reel.​​​​​​​.

Original 2016 Production at Minnesota Opera
Lighting Design by Nicole Pierce
Costumes by Mathew Levebvre

Photo by Cory Weaver

2023 Production at Seattle Opera
Lighting Design by Mextly Couzin

Live video effect as the Giants confront the Gods

"David Murakami's digital wizardry augments the composer's leitmotifs with spectacular projections that together capture the motion, moods and moments of the drama. Paramecium-like particles swirl in the ether morphing into the cogs and gears of industry; a mysterious giant eye peers out over the stage; a huge dragon emerges; waves roil and roll until they flow into the more tranquil waters of the river Rhine." - Broadway World (2016)
"David Murakami’s projections balanced exquisitely with Mextly Couzin’s lighting, both of which served to maximize the dramatic upheaval as it played out. Incandescent projections superimposed on the performers added to the overall impression of tech meeting traditional mythology. At times the lighting verged on brilliant, as each scene built toward the combination of light and projection in the earth tones of Erda’s spectacular entrance toward the end, which filled the entire house with eye-popping splendor." - Broadway World (2023)
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