Projection Designer and Director of Photography
"The new version goes even further. Staufenbiel and Murakami then shot a new version of the film, recreating Cocteau’s distinctive black-and-white visual palette with members of their own cast. The 90-minute entertainment that results is a multi-veined phantasmagoria of sights and sounds, drama and pathos and humor. Excerpts from the two films complement each another and Glass’ music. The live performers sometimes venture into the aisles of SFJazz’s Miner Auditorium, as video projections on the side walls create an illusion that plunges the audience into the opera’s mysterious world...
Music, drama, words, visuals, theatrical spectacle — it’s hard to imagine all these aspects sharing a small performance space with such vividness and grace. But the evidence was unmistakable in this potent triumph of the imagination." The San Francisco Chronicle
Directed by Brian Staufenbiel
Lighting Design by Mextly Couzin
Costume Design by Natalie Barshow
Wigs & Make Up Design by Y. Sharon Peng
Lead VFX Artist Sam Clevenger

Père approaches the La Bête's castle. Photo by Richard Gelfand.

Following Photos by Cory Weaver
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