A woman flies from Manila to New York City with a one-way ticket and a suitcase full of stories collected from immigrants who came before her. Over the 17-hour flight, she shares these stories with fellow immigrants-to-be — and each story comes to life, with a cast of six actors performing over 40 roles, including young lovers, gossipy church ladies, millennial princesses, contract workers and undocumented immigrants. World premiere with East West Players.

On This Side of the World is featured in my Design Reel.
Paulo K Tiról, Composer & Lyricist
Noam Shapiro, Director & Co-Creator
Yi-Chien Lee, Scenic Designer
Jaymee Ngernwichit, Costume Designer
Glenn Michael Baker, Properties Designer
Szu-Yun Wang, Lighting Designer
David Murakami, Projections Designer
Sam Clevenger, Assistant Projections Designer

Photos by Jenny Graham
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